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Delicious Harmony: China-Philippines Food Culture Exchange

Delicious Harmony: China-Philippines Food Culture Exchange

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On May 31st, the Guangzhou Yuechutong Culinary Academy ushered in a unique food culture exchange event – the roasted pig event of “Delicious Harmony: China-Philippines Food Culture Exchange”. The event was jointly sponsored by Guangdong PITO Porcelain Co., Ltd., the Philippine Consulate General in Guangzhou, Yuechutong, and the Philippine Trade and Investment Center. It aims to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and the Philippines through the collision and exchange of food culture.

Delicious Encounter: Filipino-style Lechon and Chinese-style Cantonese Roasted Pig

As a traditional delicacy of China and the Philippines, roasted pig has an important position in their respective cultures. The Filipino-style Lechon is famous for its crispy skin, tender meat and unique flavor; the Chinese-style Cantonese Roasted Pig is loved by people for its thin skin, thick meat, bright red color and melt-in-the-mouth characteristics. The event specially arranged the display and tasting of roasted pigs from the two countries. Participants can not only witness the production process of roasted pigs with their own eyes, but also taste the delicious roasted pigs of two different styles.

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Roasted Pig: Skills and Inheritance

The event invited top chefs from the Philippines and China to demonstrate the skills of roasted pig production.  Xu Xiang, a Chinese cooking master and senior Chinese cooking technician, demonstrated the skills of Cantonese crispy roasted suckling pig and sesame roasted suckling pig. During the roasting process, Xu Xiang emphasized the control of the heat, and by constantly turning the suckling pig, he ensured that the skin was evenly heated, and finally presented a golden and attractive color, and the taste was crispy and refreshing.

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The Philippine Consulate General in Guangzhou specially invited a Philippine chef, Don, who is an English teacher in China for many years and roasted pig is his hobby. Don demonstrated every step from marinating to roasting, allowing the audience to feel the culture and craftsmanship behind the Philippine roasted pig.

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Exchange and Interaction: Building A Bridge of Friendship

This roasted pig event is not only a feast of food, but also a cultural exchange and interaction. During the event, chefs and foodies from China and the Philippines exchanged experiences and insights, and shared their respective food concepts and innovative ideas. Many participants said that through this event, they not only had a deeper understanding of each other’s food culture, but also made many like-minded friends.

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Acting Consul General of the Philippine Consulate General in Guangzhou Ms. Aprilfleur said in his speech: “This event provides an effective platform for understanding each other’s culture and forging stronger friendship ties between Filipinos and Chinese. Through delicious food, we can better understand each other’s culture, enhance friendship, and jointly promote the development of China-Philippines relations.” Mr. Xu Hongsheng, Chairman of Guangdong PITO Porcelain Co., Ltd., also expressed the hope that through such activities, the cooperation between China and the Philippines in the field of food can be promoted, and joint exploration and innovation can be made to create more delicious delicacies.

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It is worth to mention that the venue of this event, Yuechutong Culinary Academy, relies on the Social Education College of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, based on the vocational skills training of the catering industry, and expands the vocational skills training of related types of work suitable for the development of the industry and social needs. Yuechutong focuses on talent training, food culture promotion and industry technical services. It is committed to implementing the Cantonese chef project, spreading Chinese food culture, and creating a platform for the exchange of catering culture and talents. This event is an important manifestation of Yuechutong’s promotion of food culture exchanges between China and the Philippines.

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The roasted pig event of “Delicious Harmony: China-Philippines Food Culture Exchange” concluded successfully with laughter and joy. The participants not only tasted the delicious roasted pig, but also gained a lot of knowledge and friendship. This event not only showcased the food culture of China and the Philippines, but also built a bridge of communication and understanding between the people of the two countries.

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In the future, we look forward to more such exchange activities. Through the bond of delicious food, the hearts of the people of China and the Philippines will be closer, the feelings will be deeper, let’s work together to create a better tomorrow.

New Age,

New Pattern,

New Opportunity,

In The Future, Let Us Go Forward Hand In Hand!


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