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Salad&Serving Bowl

Wholesale Ceramic Serving Bowls

Bulk wholesale premade ceramic serving bowls for events, hotel & restaurant dining and more. PITO provides one-stop ceramic crockery solutions.

Wholesale Ceramic Serving Bowls for Dining

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Bulk Serving Bowls Functions & Applications

Extra Large Catering Serving Bowl
Extra large ceramic serving bowls can be used in many situations and can contain a huge portion of food.
Salad Serving Bowl
Salade serving bowls are a daily items in our life. Compared to glass and wooden salad serving bowls, ceramic ones are lighter and easier to clean.
Fruit Serving Bowl
Fruit serving bowls are usually very large and deeper than usual serving bowls, aiming to fit in more fruits.
Curry Serving Bowl
Curry serving bowls usually come with handles. Pito ceramic serving bowls are ovenµwave safe. It’s safe to heat the curry serving bowl directly.