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    Fulfilling the Global Demand for
    Fine Tableware

    Having been producing and exporting porcelain products for more than 19 years, PITO serves a complete
    range of industries with our porcelain Tableware solutions.

    Wide Range of Tableware Items

    Explore our diverse selection of expertly-made dinnerware made by seasoned designers that match the demands of the global market.

    Keeping in line with current industry trends, our porcelain dinnerware solutions feature the latest designs, making them more attractive and marketable to your customers.

    Specialized in 3 Major Materials

    PITO specializes in making top-class porcelain dinnerware using the finest materials, ensuring superior quality and appearance with every product.

    White Porcelain Products >

    Simplistic yet elegant, white porcelain dinnerware has a classic finish and superior durability that makes them ideal for any market.

    A complete set of white luxurious crockery

    Color Glazed Products >

    With its additional protective coating, color glazed dinnerware allows for brighter colors and greater detail of designs through inkjet printing.

    porcelain dinnerware on the table

    Bone China Products >

    Considered the strongest porcelain ceramic material, dinnerware made with bone China lasts longer and resists occasional damage better.

    Working with Globally-Recognized
    Dinnerware Manufacturers

    As testament to our expertise in the craft, we’ve gained the respect and approval of 

    various governments and partnerships with renowned international chefs.

    Supported and recognized by consular chambers of commerce in various countries

    Long-Lasting Chef Cooperation

    Academy Endorsement & Social Responsibility

    Top Design Brings the Best Value

    More than just a porcelain dinnerware supplier, PITO offers a wide range of services to complete all your product needs under one roof.

    Design & Cutomization

    Consistent release of new designs and several customization options help your porcelain tableware stand out from your peers.


    Production & Quality Control

    Paying keen attention to detail in every step, our streamlined production process and strict quality control protocols ensure utmost durability and reliability.

    From the hometown of ceramics

    None Is More Trustworthy than PITO

    Established in 2003, PITO is a high-end enterprise specializing in manufacturing porcelain tableware that addresses the global demand for elegant and long-lasting products. Headquartered in Guangzhou, our facility is fully-equipped with modern workshops and the latest equipment to fulfill large-scale production in short lead times.


    As a testament to our exceptional tableware production, we’ve partnered with various government offices and hotels across the globe.

    Trusted by:

    Events & Webcasts

    Stay in the loop with the latest events and activities revolving around PITO through our updated news page containing blogs and videos from our team。

    Provide You with the Best Tableware Solution.

    Elevate your brand with exceptional porcelain tableware with PITO. Talk to our team today and get started!

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