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Charger Plates

Wholesale Ceramic Charger Plates

Bulk wholesale premade ceramic charger plates for events, commercial dining and more. PITO provides one-stop ceramic crockery solutions.

Wholesale Ceramic Charger Plates in Bulk

Not seeing a product that suits your needs?

No worries! We understand that getting the perfect dinnerware for you can be pretty tricky.

PITO supplies beloved styles of large charger and ceramic charger plates globally. From material, sizes, colors, shapes, rims, embossment to different themes, you can always find a solution. Also check out our custom service if you want to add a print-on logo or make your own designs.

Charger Plates Color Options

Choose the right color to match the tone of your events, restaurants or hotels. Below are the favourite colors by the market. The glazing techniques in PITO ensure the colors and patterns are vivid and smooth.
Plain white
Plain white charger plates are classic and timeless. Pure white charger plates usually go with delicate embossment.
Black charger plates are modern and chic, making them an icon for new restaurants. They usually go with a full set of black dinnerware.
Gold charger plates or charger plates with gold works are commonly seen in weddings and fancy restaurants.
Silver charger plates are popular among hotels and other high-end dining settings. They also bring a sense of clean and serene.

Charger Plates Shape&Elements Options

Working as decorative plates, designs and decorations are a huge part for charger plates.
Round ceramic charger plates go well with almost all the themed events and dining occasions.
Lace Edge
Lace edge charger plates are romantic and cute, making them a perfect choice for engagement parties and weddings.
Square charger plates are special and less seen, they usually go with a full set of square crockery.

Bulk Charger Plates for Different Occasions

For Weddings
As a decorative plates, charger plates play an key role in weddings by bringing out a hint of festive spirit, romantic and warmth by their beautifully crafted shapes and patterns. PITO provide a wide range of ready-made charger designs available for bulk order in low MOQ.
For Gatherings & Events
Charger plates for gathering and events come with a lot of options based on the theme of the events. Large charger plates with vivid colors are very suitable for ceremonial events.
For Commecial Dining
A charger plate decides the tone and theme of a formal dining, hence charger plates are crucial for commercial dining especially hotels and restaurant dining. Find deluxe ceramic charger in PITO.