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Pasta Bowl

Wholesale Ceramic Pasta Bowls

Bulk wholesale premade ceramic pasta bowls for events, hotel & restaurant dining and more. PITO provides one-stop ceramic crockery solutions.

Wholesale Ceramic Pasta Bowls in Bulk

Not seeing a product that suits your needs?

No worries! We understand that getting the perfect dinnerware for you can be pretty tricky.

Made by non-toxic materials, PITO pasts bowls are able to withstand heat, and are microwave-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. We also provide a wide range of designs for our clients to choose from. Below are some of the most popular elements for ceramic soup bowls.

Pasta Bowl Shape & Design Options

Choose the right design to match the dining settings. For pasta it’s usually easy and not so formal. Below are the favourite designs by the market.
Rimmed Pasta Bowls
Most of the pasta bowls are rimmed to avoid spoiled sauce.
Wide Rim Pasta Bowl
Wide rim pasta bowls are easier to hold and carry, making them one of the most commonly seen pasta bowls on table tops.
Square Pasta Bowl
Square pasta bowls are less seen in daily life, adding fun to the catering.

Pasta Bowl Size Options

Pasta bowls have different sizes to fit for diverse occasions. While pasta bowls are flat bowls, they differ in sizes and depths too.
Small Pasta Bowl
Small pasta bowl are designed for individual use and are more commonly seen.
Larger Pasta Serving Bowl
Larger pasta bowls are usually used as serving bowls, serving large size of pasta, starch or noodles.