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Dinner Plates

Wholesale Ceramic Dinner Plates

Bulk wholesale premade ceramic dinner plates for events, hotel & restaurant dining and more. PITO provides one-stop ceramic crockery solutions.

Wholesale Ceramic Dinner Plates

Not seeing a product that suits your needs?

No worries! We understand that getting the perfect dinnerware for you can be pretty tricky.

Made by non-toxic materials, PITO dinner plates are able to withstand heat, and are microwave-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. To ensure a better dinning experience, they are equipped with non-slip bottom too. We also provide a wide range of designs for our clients to choose from. Below are some of the most popular elements for ceramic dinner plates. Also check out our custom service if you want to add a print-on logo or make your own designs.

Dinner Plates Color Options

Choose the right color to match the tone of the dining settings. Below are the favourite colors by the market. The glazing techniques in PITO ensure the colors and patterns are vivid and smooth to bring out the best of a well-cooked cuisine.
Plain white
Plain white dinner plates are classic and timeless. White dinner plates are known to bring out the most of a cuisine.
Blue ceramic plates are very common and classic too. For the cleanliness and calmness of the color, blue dinner plates are widely loved by household owners.
Black is a modern and special color for ceramic dinner plates.
Surprisingly, grey is also a well beloved color for ceramic dinner plates. Most of they time they are seen in hotels and restaurants.

Dinner Plates Shape Options

Shape is a core elements when choosing dinner plates. Depending on the cuisine and dining themes, different shapes of plates are needed to go with the whole settings.
Round or circle is the most classic as well as the most popular shape for ceramic dinner plates.
Square dinner plates are less seen in events and buffets compared to round and oval plates.

Bulk Dinner Plates for Different Occasions

Household Dining
PITO instocks quality & safe ceramic dinner plates for household dining. The strength and chip-resistance quality ensure they are long-lasting for daily use. Being dishwasher-safe, they are very easy to clean.
Commercial Catering
Ceramic dinner plates can be for any commercial catering including banquets, hotel and restaurant dining. PITO stackable ceramic dinner plates make things go even easier.
Events & Buffet
Deluxe dinner plates are very suitable for ceremonial events, gatherings and buffets. You can choose dinner plates of any styles to go with the party spirit.