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Wholesale Ceramic Tea Sets

Bulk wholesale premade ceramic tea sets for events, hotel & restaurant dining and more. PITO provides one-stop ceramic crockery solutions.

Wholesale Ceramic Tea Sets

Not seeing a product that suits your needs?

No worries! We understand that getting the perfect dinnerware for you can be pretty tricky.

Made by non-toxic porcelain and bone china, PITO ceramic tea sets are microwave-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. We provide a wide range of designs in stock for our clients to choose from. Below are some of the most popular elements for ceramic soup plates. Also check out our custom service if you want to add a print-on logo or make your own designs.

Ceramic Tea Sets Color Options

Just like dinner sets, ceramic tea sets come in many different colors and designs, flexible enough to fit in different dining occasions. The following are the most beloved and frequently used ceramic tea sets colors.
White is the color for all types of tea sets, especially Chinese style tea sets.
Blue ceramic tea sets are mostly seen in festive and ceremonial events.
As a color representing serenity, health and nature, green is a frequented color on traditional Chines and Japanese tea sets.

Ceramic Tea Sets Style Options

Tea culture is a gem in many countries and regions. There are three typical styles of tea sets that are most used and commonly seen in commercial field and daily life.
Chinese tea sets fall into many smaller categories including Chinese kung fu tea sets, vintage Chinese tea sets, modern tea sets and more.
Japanese tea sets are very popular asian tea sets too, many would also call them matcha tea sets.
Antique and traditional style complete English tea sets are popular globally.