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Wholesale Ceramic Plates

PITO manufactures and wholesales deluxe ceramic plates in porcelain and bone china, which are safe and tough for restaurant, hotel, and daily use. Magic is served on PITO ceramic plates.

Impactful Ceramic Plates Solutions

Premium porcelain and bone china plates for all-round applications & occasions.

Not seeing a product that suits your needs?

We aim to provide the best quality services and solutions to meet your needs, so let us find the right ceramic crockery solution for your project!

As a one-stop wholesale ceramic plates solution provider, non-toxic materials is the first step, also, based on the materials, techniques, designs and more, PITO provides an even broader range of products in stock for our clients to choose from. Also check out our custom service if you want to add a print-on logo or make your own designs.

Deluxe Materials to Bring Out the Best Ceramic Plates

Porcelain Plates

As one of the most classic materials for plates, porcelain plates are highly capable of withstanding scratch, and at the same time budget-friendly, making it frequents the tabletops of both formal and informal dining.

Bone China Plates

With bone ashes as its core material, bone china plates are extremely light, much thinner and with better chip-resistance. Bone china plates frequent the tabletops of formal dining and luxurious restaurants.

PITO supplies beloved styles of ceramic plates globally. From sizes, colors, shapes, rims, depth, embossment to different themes, you can always find a solution.

Plate Color Options

Choose a color to match the tone of your events, restaurants or hotels. Below are the favourite colors by the market. The glazing techniques we use ensure the colors and patterns are vivid and smooth.

Plain white Dinnerware Set

Plain white

Plain white ceramic dinner sets are timeless. While color crockery can be used in almost any occasions and settings.

Blue Dinnerware Set


Apart from white plates, blue ceramic plates are very common too. For the calmness of the color, blue plates are widely loved by household and commercial dine owners.

Black Color Dinnerware Set


Black ceramic plates are popular among new and luxurious restaurants as well as many cafe shop. They look smart and cool, seems to bring out a novel flavor of the cuisine.

Champagne Color Dinnerware Set


Champagne color ceramic plates are usually seen in events like weddings and festive gathering. The color brings a tint of warmth and happiness into the air.

Plate Shape Options

Shape is another core elements when choosing plates. Depending on the cuisine and dining themes, you will need different shapes of plates for catering and sometimes very creative and innovative shapes are needed too.

Round Shapes Plates


No doubts that ceramic round plates are the most classic choice when it comes to dining & catering. Elements like embossments and varied kinds ot rims can make round plates stand out too.

Oval Shapes Plates


Oval ceramic plates are better solution for catering fish and particular types of steaks. They are also a good choice for catering desserts.

Square Shapes Plates


Apart from the curves, square ceramic plates enjoy a high popularity too. The corners and straight lines allows the cuisine to be served in a different way.

Special Shapes Plates

Special Shapes

Irregular shapes will surely add a lot of fun for any dining experience. Every year, PITO release new & creative designs of plates to meet diverse needs and themes.

Plates Element Options

white ceramic plates with  Gold Rim

Gold Rim

After the ceramic plates have been fired, the gold looks matte. Once polished, rubbed with a cloth and sand, the piece takes on a shiny appearance.

white ceramic plates with silver rim

Silver Rim

Compared to gold ceramic plates, plates with silver works take on a more humble and serene appearance, but at the same time look shiny and deluxe.

Benefits for Your Ceramic Dinner Sets From Pito

Benefits for Your Ceramic Plates From PITO

As a trusted ceramic plates manufacturer, PITO R&D team strives to provide the safest and best quality plates for any dining occasion.