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Wholesale Ceramic Bowls

PITO manufactures and wholesales deluxe ceramic bowls in porcelain and bone china, which are safe and stong for restaurant, hotel, and daily use.

Impactful Ceramic Bowls Solutions

Wholesale durable ceramic bowls with delicate designs made from non-toxic materials. Available in porcelain and bone china.

Not seeing a product that suits your needs?

We aim to provide the best quality services and solutions to meet your needs, so let us find the right ceramic crockery solution for your project!

As a one-stop wholesale ceramic bowls solution provider, non-toxic materials is the first step, also, based on the materials, techniques, designs and more, PITO provides an even broader range of products in stock for our clients to choose from. Also check out our custom service if you want to add a print-on logo or make your own designs.

Deluxe Materials to Bring Out the Best Ceramic Bowls

Porcelain Bowls

Porcelain is one of the most classic materials for bowls. With excellent strength, PITO porcelain bowls are anti-scratch, not easy to break and at the same time very budget-friendly.

Bone China Bowls

With 47% of bone ashes, PITO bone china bowls are extremely light, much thinner and with better chip-resistance. Bone china bowls frequent the tabletops of formal dining and high-end hotels & restaurants.

PITO wholesales beloved styles of ceramic bowls globally. From sizes, colors, shapes, rims, depth, embossment to different themes, you can always find a solution.

Ceramic Bowls Color Options

Choose a color to match the tone of your events, restaurants or hotels. Below are the favourite ceramic bowls colors by the market. The glazing techniques we use ensure the colors and patterns are vivid and smooth.

Plain white bowl

Plain white

Plain white ceramic bowls are the most commonly seen bowls. White is also the most adaptive color. With its whiteness, any cuisine looks exquisite.

blue bowl


Blue ceramic bowls frequent at table tops too. For the tenderness of the color, blue bowls are widely loved by household and commercial dine owners.

black bowl


Black ceramic bowls are popular among luxurious restaurants. Black ceramic bowls look edgy and cool, making the cuisine look very special.

red bowl


Red ceramic bowls are cute and also looks mysterious. Sometimes the color also brings a hint of traditional Chinese culture.

Ceramic Bowls Element Options

While most ceramic bowls are round, there are still many elements to spice them up. Different kinds of decorations and elements cast varied tints on the ceramic bowls.

Gold Rim Silver Rim Ceramic Plate

Gold Rim

Gold rimmes and gold works give the ceramic bowls a shiny appearance. Whether outlining the patterns or the bowl rim, gold is a dazzling elements for ceramic crockery.

Silver Rim Ceramic Plate

Silver Rim

Ceramic bowls with silver works take on a more humble and serene appearance, making it a favourite at hotels and restaurants.



Different from plain round bowls, delicate embossment is an important decorations for high-end ceramic bowls. Bowls with embossments bring on a more esthetic feeling.

a people holding a large ceramic bowl

Benefits for Your Ceramic Bowls From PITO

As a trustworthy ceramic bowls manufacturer, PITO R&D team aims at providing the safest, toughest and best quality plates for any dining occasion.