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    About PITO

    With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the porcelain tableware industry, PITO is your number one choice for sourcing world-class porcelain tableware products.

    Producing Exclusive Porcelain Tableware Since 2003

    For nearly two decades, PITO has been positioned as a flagship brand in the porcelain tableware market and has continued to develop in providing export-quality products. With constant advancements in equipment, processes, and material procurement, we’re able to meet large-volume orders better and faster than our peers.

    We’re the leading source of durable and reliable porcelain dinnerware products at reasonable prices, working with key government institutions and hotels in local and international markets.

    Our Mission

    PITO aims to become a world-famous brand for porcelain tableware products, offering a robust lineup of products that satisfy the various demands of the global market.

    Our Vision

    PITO’s vision is to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction while keeping our team happy with their work and developing our enterprise into a world-renowned brand.


    We’ve established research and development bases with key educational institutions in the country, including Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, and Shantou University.


    To maintain our strong production capabilities and fulfill large-volume orders at a fast pace, we’ve secured ten automated production lines that talented professional operates with years of industry experience.


    Through careful study of current market trends and continuous release of new and fresh designs, we guarantee premium porcelain tableware products geared towards what the global audience desires.

    In 2022

    PITO has invested in automated production lines and actively transformed into an intelligent technology-based enterprise. After the new production line has been put into operation, the production efficiency has been increased by 30% compared with the original and the product qualification rate has been increased by 15%. The production period has been effectively shortened.


    Established Sino-Portuguese International Trade and investment Cooperation Center 

    On 1st June, the opening ceremony of the Sino-Portuguese International Trade and investment Cooperation Center was held at Guangdong Great Bay Enterprise so called Great Bay Fine Ceramic and Exquisite Cuisine Culture and Creative Experience Center.

    In 2021

    International Commercial Trading Base, established the Kitchen of Consul


    In order to promote business connectivity with countries along the “ Belt and Road”, the Great Bay has held the business cooperation signing ceremony with the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the Angola Chamber of Commerce and build the International Commercial Trading Base and opened the new starting point for cooperation with countries along the “ Belt and Road”


    There is no border for the food and have same feeling for the taste. The affinity of delicious food become the best bridge for the folk diplomatic. On 16th December, 2021, the consuls of Panama, Portugal, Laos, Angola, Cambodia and Australia in Guangzhou jointly launched the < Great Bay Consular Kitchen> under the support and witness of Provincial CCPIT. It opened a magnificent picture of the exchange between Chinese and foreign countries in folk fine ceramic and exquisite cuisine.


    The Great Bay Fine Ceramic and Exquisite Cuisine Culture and Creative Experience Center was established


    Covers an area of 4500 square meters, It is a comprehensive platform of displaying of fine ceramic and exquisite cuisine, experiencing and communicating of culture. “Taking the delicious food as medium and beautiful porcelain as carrier”, 


    In order to jointly explore the new mode of catering development, spread the new concept of Chinese food culture and oriental aesthetics tableware. PITO take the Chinese Culture of “Fine Ceramics & Exquisite Cuisine” as a bridge to connect the well-known chefs master and the downstream and upstream of catering industry


    Committing to school-enterprise cooperation, in the meanwhile, combining the porcelain development and chef creation perfectly.


     It is the off-campus practice base for the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Academy of Finance and Shantou University. It build a designing team full of young, professional and energetic. Incorporating the most forward-looking design concept, working with a professional chef team. From the user’s point of view, combined with experienced craftsmen and masters, it has become a popular fashion standard in the industry. The Great Bay has obtained more than 50 patents and 100 intellectual property rights, and won more than 40 national and provincial awards by far.


    It became the official cooperation partner of 2020 Dubai World Expo.

    In 2019

    The Cantonese Cuisine Chef was established as well as the catering training school


    In order to promote and spread the Cantonese cuisine culture and drive the development of the Cantonese cuisine with industry forces. We have joined the Cantonese Cuisine Master Industry Alliance and the Guangdong Food Culture Education and Training Committee. A total of more than 3000 trainees from all over the world have been trained.


    PITO was rated as the vice president unit of Guangdong Food Culture Research Association and the vice president unit of Guangzhou Cooking Association.

    Mr. Xu Hongshen, general manager of PITO, has serve as the chairman of the Hotel and Catering Industry Association


    In the same year, PITO obtained the first export brand certificate in Guangdong

    In 2018

    PITO was rated as a high-tech enterprise ( developed technological health care porcelain)


    Health care porcelain is a Nanocomposite Active Bioceramic which is fired with a variety of mineral elements, oxidized metals and ceramic raw materials. It is a best material for far infrared conversion materials. The far infrared rays that can be released during the use of health care porcelain and it can turn the large molecular water into small molecular water and improve the body’s absorption of water and enhance immunity.

    In 2017

    As the only enterprise in ceramic industry, PITO participated in the Astana World Expo, and demonstrated intangible culture heritage of Chinese ceramics to audiences from more than 100 countries in China Pavilion. As a national gift, the product was given to the leader of the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan.

    In the same year, PITO became the only designated supplier for the ceramic of the World Cantonese Chef’s Championship. The product was luckily to become the competition medal and shared with contestants from all over the world. Mrs. Linzhen Yuee the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region delivered a speech to the scene, and she visited the tableware display area of PITO and highly praised of PITO. 

    In September 2014

    Officials from the Presidential Palace of Tajikistan had been to PITO’s production base for investigation in person many times and finally identified PITO as the exclusive brand for the presidential palace ceramics. PITO had accomplished the project splendidly and awarded the personally commended by President Emomali Rahmon. At present, PITO has established the long-term business relationship with the Presidential Palace of Tajikistan, the Presidential Palace of Mali, Nigeria, Thailand and other countries, and has become a reliable supplier of ceramic for the reception of state guests in major presidential palaces.

    In 2013

    After 10 years development, PITO has been developed to possess a plant more than 20000 square meters, and have over 200 employee for researching, technology, management and production. Besides, PITO has the production scale and capacity of producing 1 millions sets of household tableware, gift porcelain and hotel porcelain. Mainly engaged in the production of three brands of Bone China, Fine China, and High Temperature Porcelain.


    The products have passed the US FDA test, the German LFGB food and daily usage test, CE/EU test which meet the European criteria, CIQ test, and adhere to the China Entry-Exit Inspection standard, and passed the SASO of Saudi Arabia.

    2003 Brand Established

    Brand original intention: Implementing the “ Belt and Road”, Promoting Chinese ceramic culture

    Provide You with the Best Tableware Solution.

    Elevate your brand with exceptional porcelain tableware with PITO. Talk to our team today and get started!

    Copyright © 2022, PITO. All rights reserved.
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