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World Famous Luxury Porcelain Brands

World Famous Luxury Porcelain Brands

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Porcelain, with its exquisite workmanship and good use characteristics, has become an essential daily necessity and decoration in our life. There are too many famous luxury porcelain manufacturers in the world. Through extensive data collection, based on a large number of product quality, media publicity, and customer evaluation data, as well as the reference opinions of professional reviewers, we have determined seven trustworthy luxury porcelain brands. This article will introduce the information of these brands and their porcelain dinnerware manufacturer one by one.


Source: flora-danica

Country: Denmark

Founding Time: 1790s

Most Famous Piece:  Flora Danica Ice Dome


Flora Danica porcelain is a real royal luxury porcelain brand. The original set of Flora Danica porcelain was designed as a gift to Queen Catherine. It was not given away because of the death of the Queen and was collected by the Danish royal family. Now, the porcelain of this brand has gained a worldwide reputation and is loved and collected by many royal nobles. In addition, among the royal families in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, it not only represents royal elegance but also has a sense of the sacred mission of guarding the country.

Its price is also very high, mainly for two reasons:

First, the process is complex. Take the most representative Danish flower and full lace Tang grass series as an example. In addition to time-consuming painting processes (each work requires thousands or even 12000 strokes to complete), each work must go through such processes as hollowing out, flower kneading, kiln burning, etc.

Second, it is difficult to burn. The volume of the whole piece of work will be reduced by 14% after the plain embryo is burned in the high-temperature bright kiln of nearly 1000 ℃. Therefore, nearly 1/5 of the products will be abandoned due to the fracture of the hollow joint at the last stage.

The patterns painted on the Danish flower porcelain are carefully selected by the painter. Each piece of work has a different pattern, and each piece of porcelain is a unique crystal.


Source: wedgwood

Country: England

Founding Time: 1759s

Most Famous Piece:  Bone China


The most famous tea drink in the West is British afternoon tea. When it comes to English afternoon tea tableware, Wedgwood is one of the most representative tea sets.

In 1765, the British royal family chose cream Wedgwood China as its palace tea set, and Queen Charlotte chartered the name “Queen’s China”. Later, the brand continued to be favored by other British royals and other heads of state and began to appear on the tables of important places such as the Vatican, the Kremlin, and the White House. In 1955, the brand was awarded the honor of “Royal Guarantee” by the British Royal Family.

Among the many varieties of Wedgwood porcelain, bone china is the most exquisite and renowned. It is characterized by a high content of animal bone meal, with 51 percent of animal bone meal added to its various bone China products. The proportion of bone meal reflects not only the exquisite materials used in the porcelain but also the superb skills of the manufacturer. Wedgwood bone in china is harder than ordinary porcelain. It has good thermal insulation and light transmission properties and is thinner and lighter, and has both aesthetic and practical value.


Source: herend

Country: Hungary

Founding Time: 1826s

Most Famous Piece: Victoria Series


HEREND is Hungary’s national treasure hand-painted porcelain. Compared to other luxury porcelain brands, it is characterized by the exquisite patterns on the porcelain. Queen Victoria once bought a group of HEREND porcelain with butterfly patterns. The patterns on that group of porcelain are exquisite, colorful, luxurious, and elegant. This royal purchase also made Herend famous. After that, the brand specially named a series of porcelain in the name of the Queen, and the Victoria series has become the most popular classic series of the brand.

Later, HEREND porcelain came to the fore at the Paris World Expo in 1867, and Napoleon III’s wife Josephine praised his series of fresh green hand-painted Indian flowers. HEREND porcelain has received orders from other royal families and won many awards in many exhibitions.

Pay attention to every piece of work that is 100% hand-painted. Hand-painted techniques vary widely. The design integrates Chinese and Western cultures. Every detail of every work of HEREND requires caution. Even the smallest piece of work needs at least seventeen hands of meticulous care. Its porcelain tableware has a variety of bright and dazzling colors because of its multi-level hand painting techniques, and its themes are deeply influenced by the classical European and Chinese styles. Herend’s performance has been seen by all.


Source: kpm-berlin

Country: Germany

Founding Time: 1763s

Most Famous Piece:  KURLAND Series


KPM porcelain is also known as “platinum”. In that year, Frederick II of Prussia took over the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin from his hands, which led to the appearance of this brand. The king gave it a name and symbol: the cobalt blue scepter. Before William II abdicated in 1918, KPM Berlin was owned by seven kings and emperors.

KPM Berlin is often regarded as the representative brand of luxury handicrafts and fashion design in the porcelain industry. From the beginning to the present, KPM has always insisted on improving its materials, painting, and production skills and making continuous progress. The formula of porcelain production is handed down from generation to generation. The porcelain factory draws inspiration from the growing 150000 shapes.

It is also a brand of pure handmade porcelain. Handmade craft and complex decoration technology endow each piece with a truly unique personality. Gold plating, flowers, fruits, animals, landscapes, and other patterns are hand-painted by skilled artists in the factory.

It takes 25 processes to produce a piece of porcelain that meets the high standards of KPM, which is completed by the manufacturer within 14 working days. Through ten quality control. At the same time, the production workers selected by the manufacturer are all skilled workers who fully master this skill.

For 250 years, KPM has been blooming among museums, collectors, and porcelain connoisseurs.


Source: Gien

Country: France

Founding Time: 1821s

Most Famous Piece: Classical Table Service


GIEN ceramic brand initially provided exquisite and luxurious tableware for the royal families, palace guards, prince families, and famous families in France and other European countries. Now it has become the top luxury brand in France. Its biggest feature is to sublimate traditional ceramic technology into art. The general selling price ranges from 1000 yuan to several hundred thousand yuan.

GIEN  ceramics first combines British and French techniques, while giving consideration to inheritance and trends, and is conservative and innovative, not conservative. Gien shuttles between tradition and innovation, opening the door to creative ideas at any time, and cooperating with outstanding artists and designers from all over the world

Its production adheres to the principle of “prefer shortage to abuse”, and only six to eight new patterns will be introduced each year to ensure quality. Each new pattern needs six months to one year of creation and research.

Gien’s ceramics have three series, ensuring stable coverage of the sales market. The three series are Classic Table Service, Best Sellers, and Art Objects. Classic Table Service is a series of daily tableware, which is characterized by adding new modern elements to the traditional and classic Gien patterns, becoming a new design every year. Best Sellers is a series of ceramic dinnerware sets dominated by gifts, such as gifts, desserts, tableware, and tea sets, while Art Objects is a work of art, imagination, and limited release.

Gien has the reputation of “a hundred years dining table gallery”. Different appliances are equipped with different colors and patterns so that together they can have a “dining table landscape”.


Source: Pexels

Country: France

Founding Time: 1863s

Most Famous Piece: SPLIT-ROCKER


Bernardaud ceramics is operated as a family enterprise. Its products show the fashion, influence, and style that span several centuries, and show the unparalleled diversity of table settings. It is also a tableware brand designated for use at court dinners in many countries, including the Russian tsar, Napoleon of France, and Queen Elizabeth of Britain.

Among its manufacturing techniques, ancient gold plating is worth a while. This technology easily reminds people of China’s ability to turn stone into gold. This method is ingenious in handling gold foil and platinum. Through strict processing procedures, the pictures drawn on ceramic vessels show wonderful pleats. No matter whether the shape is square or round, the designer can always make this sturdy vessel have the ultimate luxury and simple lines.

Bernardaud ceramics not only cooperates with various artists on the original tableware and utensils, but also extends the perspective of design to the jewelry field so that porcelain is no longer just tableware placed on the table, but also becomes jewelry, which can be worn on the body, or become a pendant and other works of art that can be conveniently placed at home.

What to Look for in Luxury Porcelain Dinnerware?

Source: unsplash

Fine Design Patterns

Pattern refers to the pattern in which the plate is painted. First, notice whether they are hand-drawn or machine drawn. High-quality luxury porcelain usually finishes the pattern processing by hand.

Secondly, appreciate the design style of patterns. Common patterns are flowers, geometric and classical patterns.

In addition to these common patterns, designers have been constantly innovating in recent years, and many exquisite and unique designs have always amazed people. Choose as much as you like.

Size and Shape

The types of luxury porcelain are various. Please select according to your needs. For example, if your kitchen is small and your closet space is limited, choose small porcelain dinnerware. A larger plate will fit better if your kitchen is large enough to accommodate multiple dishwashers and has enough closet space. In addition, consider what type of table layout you have. If it is formal and there are much tableware and additional tableware, a set of larger tableware may be required to accommodate all these elements.


Good porcelain has such characteristics: the walls of the utensils are very thin, the light transmittance is good, and the color is clear and pure. Bone china is warm milky white, while fine porcelain is bright white. Their texture is very clear, not mixed with variegated, and does not appear dull.


Good porcelain will be light, translucent in the light, and looks very fragile, but in fact, it is strong and flexible. They will have good wear resistance and will not be damaged after decades of use, thus becoming the first choice for daily necessities and high-end hotels, resorts, and other local catering appliances.


Source: Pexels

Cups, plates, dishes, and dishes are all necessities in the home. Choose a favorite porcelain vessel to make life more convenient and add a touch of art to the warm home. Browse the latest designs of these brands and enjoy the works of art in front of you when you are free, which can also add a little fun to the dull life. I hope the six luxury porcelain brands introduced in this article can help you.


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