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The opening ceremony of the Sino-Portuguese International Trade and investment Cooperation Center has been held at PITO CHINA

On 1st June, the opening ceremony of the International Trading Investing Cooperation Center Of China and Portugal has been successfully held at PITO CHINA.

Chang Hao of the deputy director of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Committee Of China (online), Zhang Yan of the deputy director of Guangzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Dr. Klaus of President of the European Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Daniel Adriao of the official representative of Portuguese government (Online), Dr. Bruno Machado of the general manager of CINCO Internationale Trading Company Ltd. (online), Dr. Dario Silva of the president of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in China, Shan Wenlong of the president of Guangzhou Haizhu District Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Li Jihua of the vice chairman of Chinese Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Li Haolin of the president of Fiji Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Xu Hongshen of the chairman of PITO CHINA, Xu Ruisheng of PITO CHINA, Wang Junzheng of the president of Liaoxin and other leaders and guests attended the ceremony.

“ Portugal is now one of the largest per capita recipients of Chinese investment in Europe”  It is learned that the establishment of the Sino-Portuguese International Trade and investment Cooperation Center is an important step in implementing the Sino-Portuguese strategic partnership established in 2005, and it is also a strong impetus for the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

As the international community platform, it plays a role of connecting, sharing resources and building a prosperous for the enterprise and professor in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The Sino-Portuguese International Trade and investment Cooperation Center will help the Portuguese companies succeed in China and Chinese companies succeed in aboard by offering the support of publicity, the chance of communication and business interactive information and other services in the future.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders of this activity took photos with the guests and visited the enterprise that undertook this activity – PITO CHINA

PITO CHINA is a comprehensive platform integrating the production of ceramic tableware and gifts, the experience of research and development of fine ceramic and exquisite cuisine, the exchange of catering culture and investment of international trade.

By the end of 2021, PITO has obtained more than 50 patents of various types, more than 100 intellectual property rights and won more than 40 national and provincial awards. In the meantime, it has established the trading cooperative relationship with 32 countries and regions and exported the goods to over South-East Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Middle-East etc.

Products and services have recognized by the Presidential Palace of Tajikistan, the Thai Parliament, Dubai Emaar Hospitality Group’s hotel, Canton Tower, Garden Hotel, Guangdong Yingbin Hotel, CITIC Group, The Imperial Palace’s cultural and creative, as well as many domestic and foreign five-star hotels, large restaurant chains, enterprise gifts etc. It is over 100 large-scale engineering projects at home and aboard.

Uphold the spirit of Chinese ceramic craftsmen

Take the promoting of the cultural of ceramic as responsibility

Inheriting the millennium kiln fire is endless

New time, New Situation, New Chance, We march together in the future

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