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The Consulate of Angola Visited PITO

The Consulate of Angola Visited PITO

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On Feb. 11th., 2023, the Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in Guangzhou, Ms. Judite Costa and Vice Consul, Mr. Levi Gunza, visited GBI-PITO for exchange.

GBI-PITO chairman, Mr. Xu Hongsheng warmly received consulate Ms Judite Costa and Mr. Levi Gunza, sincerely welcome and appreciate.He briefed the two consuls on GBI-PITO’s basic profile and the important development achievements in recent years, especially the international exchanges and cooperation. He said that, China and Angola have enjoyed friendship and friendly cooperative relations over 40 years and the two sides have achieved fruitful results in various fields’ cooperation.Look forward to having the opportunities to strengthen people-to-people cultural exchanges, economic and trade cooperation in the future.

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Afterwards, the participants of GBI-PITO and the visiting guests held a seminar. On the meeting, the guests watched the GBI-PITO promotional video, the China-Portugal International Trade and Investment Cooperation Center (CCIICSP) promotional video, also the tidbits of international exchanges and cooperation. Then, GBI-PITO Chairman, Mr Xu Hongsheng, and CCIICSP President, Mr Xi Yao, briefed the guests on the business progress of China-Portugal International Trade and Investment Cooperation Center and the preparation of foreign Trade Committee with China Hotel Supplies Association .

After watching videos and listening introductions, Consul General,Ms Judite Costa, expressed her gratitude to GBI-PITO for their warm hospitality, also spoke highly of GBI-PITO, since GBI-PITO is an enterprise with large scale, good products, warm temperature and strength. She introduced the economic development and the future development direction of Angola to Mr. Xu, the chairman, and invited Mr. Xu Hongsheng to visit Angola on the spot.

During the meeting, the two sides had in-depth discussions on the overall construction plan and cooperation intention of Angola’s tourism industry. Meanwhile, Ms. Judite Costa, Consul General, also spoke highly of China’s culture and business environment, also summarized the development status of China’s Guangzhou automobile brand in Angola, as well as the import and export needs of Angola. Both sides hope through this in-depth discussion, establish multi-level multi-field exchanges and cooperation, and build the international platform advantage. Meanwhile, Consul General, Ms Judite Costa said that she would introduce GBI-PITO to relevant Angolan authorities in future investment meetings in Angola.

After the meeting, Mr. Xu invited Ms. Judite Costa to visit GBI-PITO Art Studio and experience the creation.

After the experience, Mr. Xu Hongsheng, GBI-PITO chairman, led Ms. Judite Costa, Consul General, to visit the bone China exhibition hall, International Products Exhibition Hall and GBI Consular Kitchen on the second floor, and invited the two consuls to have dinner together in GBI Consular Kitchen, experiencing the harmonious integration of delicious food.

After dinner, Mr Xu Hongsheng presented the PITO jade rabbit and the PITO blue and white chopsticks to Ms. Judite Costa, Consul General, and the PITO golden blessing plate to Mr. Levi Gunza, Vice Consul.

Consul General Ms Judite Costa and Vice Consul Mr Levi Gunza expressed their gratitude to Mr Xu Hongsheng.

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