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Stay Together, Be Stronger !

Stay Together, Be Stronger !

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Take a Group Review Look at the World-Indonesian Business Investigation Tour of the Global Hotel Supplies Industry

On July 24th-28th,, a 22-member business economic and trade delegation led by Xu Hongsheng, chairman of the International Trade Committee of the China Hotel Supplies Association and members of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, conducted a 5-day global hotel supplies business investigation tour of the first stop, Indonesia.

2023 Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI)

On July 25th., the business delegation visited the 2023 Jakarta Indonesia Food and Hotel Supplies Exhibition to learn about the most authentic and cutting-edge information on Indonesian hotel supplies.

The business delegation visited the exhibition on the spot to help members understand the development trend of hotel supplies in Southeast Asia, connect business opportunities at the exhibition, and better promote the friendly economic and trade exchanges between China and India.

Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association

On July 25th., the business delegation conducted a comprehensive communication with the Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, and were welcomed by different directors’ cordial reception, such as the Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association Chairman Zhang Jinxiong, Vice Chairman Lian Jiehao, Chen Xin, Jiang Sencheng, Secretary-General Zhou Weimo, Tian Jintang, Wang Lisong, Zhan Yuwen, Zhang Jinquan, Li Xinmao, Li Weikang, Lin Songshi, Xiao Zhaoxuan, Huang Zhiyong and Chen Yongzhi.

Chairman Zhang Jinxiong pointed out that, “First of all, I would like to have a dialogue with the Chinese Entrepreneur Association on behalf of me, and extend a warm welcome to everyone! We are very happy to hold such a professional matchmaking meeting, let us talk to entrepreneurs in the hotel supplies industry in China, and have a good opportunity to discuss the development and cooperation opportunities of the hotel supplies industry.”

Chairman Xu Hongsheng also expressed his heartfelt thanks to Chairman Zhang Jinxiong and all entrepreneur friends of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association. He also said that in this era of globalization, cooperation and win-win results are the key to promoting the progress of the industry.

At present, it is a very good period for the rapid development of our Indonesian economy. The Indonesian government has provided various convenient policies and tax incentives for foreign investors. Become a friendly partner and help you find business opportunities in Indonesia and find more partners.

Representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs in Indonesia’s local hotel supplies industry, daily necessities, real estate, building materials, tourism and other fields communicated with members of the business delegation to discuss business opportunities.

Local medias, such as Indonesian Daily, International Daily, Business Daily, etc., simultaneously carried out related reports.

Indonesia-China Economic and Trade Expo Center

On July 26th., members of the business delegation were invited to visit the Indonesia-China Economic and Trade Expo Center, and conducted on-the-spot investigations on the daily necessities, shoes and clothing, home textiles, food and other industries in China and India.

It is reported that the Indonesia-China Economic and Trade Expo Center is located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It mainly displays various local specialty products from China and Indonesia. It also has: Indonesian Food Pavilion, Chinese Food Pavilion, China Xinjiang Pavilion, China Ningxia Pavilion, New Energy Vehicle Exhibition Area, Daily Necessities Exhibition Area, Building Materials and Hardware Exhibition Area, etc., have better promoted business exchanges in Southeast Asia.


On July 26TH., the business delegation were invited to visit TAIN LIONG 1935, a professional seller of local kitchen utensils and household equipment in Indonesia, and were warmly received by Mr. Tian Jintang, the chairman.

TAIN LIONG was established in 1935 as a seller of professional kitchen utensils and household equipment. Persistence in the commercial field has enabled TAIN LIONG to continuously expand its scale, and it has gone through 88 years. After a long and extraordinary development, TAIN LIONG still maintains its top position in the hotel industry in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

From hotels, airline catering, restaurants, cafes, conferences to entertainment centers. TAIN LIONG can not only meet customers’ inquiries from “A to Z”, but also provide them with complete after-sales service, including ready-made spare parts.

Chairman Tian Jintang told the members of the business delegation about the business history of several family generations and the origin of the “TAIN LIONG” corporate brand. Through his many years of hardworking business experience, he shared with the members that in order to start a business, you must not forget your original intention and uphold the business philosophy of fairness and conscience. Mr. Tian took it personally, and led the members of the business delegation to visit Chinatown in Indonesia.

Wanxinda Enterprise

On July 26th., the business delegation was invited to visit Wanxinda Enterprise in Jakarta, Indonesia, and fully understood the investment and construction of Indonesian production bases in recent years.

Wanxinda Enterprise Group (Wanxinda Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., “Wanxinda”) was founded in 1998 and has a 26-year historical entrepreneurial development. The company’s main business is based on manufacturing, with its four production bases in Guangzhou, Chenzhou, Myanmar, and Indonesia; its products cover the global market, and its main customers are concentrated in North America. Amazon in the United States is one of the company’s largest customers.

Through the discussion, the members of the business delegation learned more about the investment project of “China-Indonesia Dual Parks” and the investment policies of China and Indonesia.


On July 27th., the business delegation visited the HOTEL BOROBUDUR hotel group with 50s years of experience in brand management in Indonesia, and were personally received by the general manager of the HOTEL BOROBUDUR hotel.

During the symposium, members of the business delegation had face-to-face discussions with the general manager, financial director, purchasing director and other management teams of HOTEL BOROBUDUR Group. Through on-site visits and discussions, learn about the current operation and use of HOTEL BOROBUDUR, and discuss more in-depth cooperation in the future.

Xu Hongsheng, chairman of the International Trade Professional Committee of China Hotel Supplies Association, personally presented the ceramic ornament “Immediate success” made by Master Xu Ruisheng, the artistic director of Guangdong PITO Porcelain Co., Ltd., to the general manager of BOROBUDUR Hotel, wishing BOROBUDUR Hotel Group a prosperous business and a successful career.

Discussion with various Indonesian business associations

On July 27th, members of the business delegation, Indonesian Chinese Association, Indonesian Hotel and Catering Association, representatives of commercial kitchen suppliers, Indonesian Online Food and Beverage Publishing and Reporting Society, Indonesian Food Community and other business associations discussed China and Indonesian how the association can communicate and discuss issues such as docking business opportunities and jointly organizing exhibitions.

Through the in-depth discussions and exchanges between the business associations of China and Indonesian, the members of the business delegation will have a better understanding of the needs and development trends of the hotel, catering, food and other fields in China and Indonesian, and jointly seek new cooperation directions to create differences. sparks.

Sponsored by the International Trade Professional Committee of the China Hotel Supplies Association, the 5-day Indonesian business inspection tour of the global hotel supplies industry has been successfully completed.

Members of the business delegation, not afraid of the heat, work together to see the world together and enhance the brand awareness of the Chinese hotel supplies industry in the Southeast Asian market.


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