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Deluxe Dinnerware made of Porcelain & Bone China

PITO supplies and bulk-custom quality dinnerware made from porcelain and bone china — the most classic materals you can find for dinnerware.

We are Proud to Offer

By PITO R&D and design team, we are proud to offer timeless and modern dinnerware of finest quality.

Porcelain Dinnerware

Classic high-end dinnerware, loved by the world for its toughness, delicacy and lively colors.

Bone China Dinnerware

Splendid quality dinnerware made with bone ash, super light and not easy too chip, rhyming with grand occasions.

What Makes PITO Worthy

Safe Sustainable

Non-toxic & eco-friendly

All suppliers go through meticulous selection to guarantee that the raw materials are responsibly sourced and free from harmful elements or contaminants.

Free Samples


We provide a wide assortment of customization options to help you create porcelain products that faithfully represent your brand.


Efficient Production & Quality Control

PITO practices an established production process and strict quality control protocols to guarantee the durability and reliability of our porcelain products.


Proven Brand in the Industry

Our line of porcelain products see extensive use in various hotels and government establishments and featured on several international events.

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    PITO Produces Complex Dinnerware

    PITO has specialized in producing trendy and durable porcelain tableware made from white porcelain, color glazed porcelain, and bone china materials for almost two decades. We understand the importance of quality materials in making world-class products. That is why we purchase high-quality raw materials and apply the latest processing techniques to bring out the best features of the materials.


    From material sourcing to packaging, the entire production flow follows strict guidelines based on international standards.