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Delicious Harmony: China-Philippines Food Culture Exchange

PITO's Food Exchange (1)

On May 31st, the Guangzhou Yuechutong Culinary Academy ushered in a unique food culture exchange event – the roasted pig event of “Delicious Harmony: China-Philippines Food Culture Exchange”. The event was jointly sponsored by Guangdong PITO Porcelain Co., Ltd., the Philippine Consulate General in Guangzhou, Yuechutong, and the Philippine Trade and Investment Center. It aims to enhance […]

PITO Showcases Quality and Innovation at 2024 Dubai Hotel Show

PITO Participates in the 2024 Dubai Hotel Show (11)

PITO Appears at the Dubai Hotel Show From June 4th to 6th, the 2024 Dubai Hotel Show (The Hotel Show 2024 Dubai UAE) was held at the Dubai World Trade Center! At this world-class hotel and catering industry event, PITO showcased its latest tableware series and innovative designs. Global Significance of the Event PITO Appears […]

PITO Supports The Bocuse d’Or 2024

PITO Supports The Bocuse d'Or 2024 (1)

Successful Conclusion of Bocuse d’Or 2024 China Selection in Guangzhou On June 3rd, the Bocuse d’Or 2024 China Selection came to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou. As the world’s top cooking competition, the Bocuse d’Or is not only a competition of cooking skills, but also a pinnacle of food art. As one of the sponsors […]

Convey the innovative strength of Chinese brands to the world!

China Brand Day (1)

China Brand Day On May 10th, 2024, the eighth Chinese Brand Day arrived as scheduled. Behind this special day, it means that Chinese brands have created a sea of stars of their own. Since the establishment of PITO, we have been committed to creating and promoting high-quality ceramic products, combining traditional Chinese craftsmanship with modern technology, […]

Congrats to PITO for winning the Outstanding Supplier Award!

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Dragon Feast, Create Brilliance Together On March 22nd., Guangdong PITO participated in a social event held at the Garden Hotel. This grand event was jointly organized by five major organizations: Guangzhou Catering Industry Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Regional Catering Industry Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Western Food Industry Association, Guangzhou Technicians Association Catering Branch and Guangzhou Culinary […]

The Beauty of Porcelain Art Passed Down for Thousands of Years

Characteristics of ancient porcelain making techniques

Porcelain manufacturing is a long-standing traditional craft in China that has experienced thousands of years of development and evolution. As one of the oldest and most exquisite ceramic making techniques in the world, porcelain manufacturing is deeply loved and appreciated by people for its unique craftsmanship and aesthetic value. This blog will delve into the history, […]

Does Quality Tableware Elevate Dining Experience?

High quality tableware that is easy to clean

No matter during dining table time at home or in a restaurant, high quality tableware plays an important role.Not only as a simple dining tool but also as an essential key to elevate dining table time, high quality tableware bring more happiness and senses of ceremony to different dining tables. High quality tableware not only […]


2023 Pito Exhibition in Moscow

From October 3rd to 6th, 2023, the Russia Moscow Hotel Supplies and Ingredients Exhibition (PIR EXPO) was held in Moscow. This exhibition is a large-scale professional hotel supplies exhibition in Russia and even Eastern European countries. This hotel supplies exhibition attracted many international manufacturers to participate, and the exhibition period was very lively. In order to expand the […]

The 2023 Maritime Silk Road Cultural Festival

Maritime Silk Road Cultural Festival

From Oct. 13th. to 17th., the 2023 Maritime Silk Road Cultural Festival, held in Yuexiu district, Guangzhou, according to its mission “Sail to South Exchange Road, Silk Language for Thousand Years”, recreating the glory of the Millennium Silk Road for five wonderful days. This cultural festival takes “1+4+7” as the main line (1 Maritime Silk Road trail, […]

The 1st China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Economic and Trade Expo (Macao)

ceramic tableware

From October 19 to 22, 2023, the 1st China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Economic and Trade Expo (Macao), the 28th International Trade and Investment Exhibition and the Macao International Brand Franchise Exhibition hosted by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute were held at the Venetian Cotai Expo Center in Macao. Chief Executive of Macao He Yicheng, Director […]