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Amazing Automated Production Line Shocked the Star Chef Who Visited

Chaozhou,An island in the Chinese food industry.
As one of Cantonese cuisine,we cook seasonal dishes carefully.

Every cantonese chef challenge your taste buds with simple ingredients,taste the original flavor in every season.

Cooking coarse vegetables is the highlight of the chef’s test.
Exquisite presentation, delicious dishes,creating Chaozhou flavor with ingenuity.

Recently, a delegation of five-star star chefs from the Gunagdong province came to Guangdong PITO Technology Co., Ltd., visited the advanced production lines, R&D laboratories, and product exhibition halls of PITO throughout the whole process,providing suggestions for development ideas.

The star chef is responsible for the creation of delicious food.
Every Cantonese chef has a excellent taste about the ingredients of materials, fresh, collocation.
Nice tableware combines with delicious food, echo each other.

It presents a dual experience of visual taste for every diner.
Choose porcelain dinnerware, come to PITO!

Provide You with the Best Tableware Solution.

Elevate your brand with exceptional porcelain tableware with PITO. Talk to our team today and get started!

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