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A grand occasion in food industry was presented by fine china from PITO! The wonderful review of 2022 World Food Guangzhou Exhibition.

A grand occasion in food industry was presented by fine china from PITO! The wonderful review of 2022 World Food Guangzhou Exhibition.

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Expo Food Guangzhou

From July 21st to 23th, as a highly professional, innovative and influential food industry greatest event in South China-2022 World Food Guangzhou Exhibition was grandly held in Guangzhou Poly World Trad Expo Center.

This exhibition attracted a large number of high-quality food and catering brand from all over the world to join in this show. The event was strictly in accordance with the government’s epidemic prevention requirements, the number of participants was well controlled, everything was kept simple and relevant epidemic prevention measures were taken commendably .

Thinking collision, Wisdom sharing

The 2022 Shishang International Hotel And Catering Development Trend Forum was held at Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo at the same time. More than 10 catering industry leaders, star chefs and well-known enterprise leaders from all over the country participated in the on-site discussion, which attracted many catering industry masters and practitioners to watch.

President of PITO China-Mr. Xu Hongshen, president of Liveon Knife-Mr. Chen Litao, executive chef of Guangzhou Nikko Hotel-Mr. Xu Jiale, president of Super Effective Technology-Mr. Guo Hui and president of Zhuhai Charming Hotel Group-Mr. Tang Weiliang conducted multi-dimensional discussion on issues related to “ hotel and catering industry” to clarified the development of China hotel and catering industry.

Celebrity chef show their skills

PITO dinnerware assisted in presenting many large and wonderful activities which were held at the same time, for instance, 2022 Shishang Star Chef “Bao Zhiyuan Cup” Cantonese Cuisine Master Skills Competition Finals, Wen’s Food·China Star Chef Exchange Show, Venus Rose Dew Wine·Chinese Roasted Meat Creative Exchange Show, 2022 Shishang International Hotel Catering Development Trend Forum, 2022 Annual Meeting of the Celebrity Chef Professional Committee of Guangdong Food Culture Research Association, Wen’s Food Special Offer, Guangdong Celebrity Chef Dinner etc.

The performances were splendid. The cooking masters cooked and presented a feast of delicious food to the guests with their consummate cooking skills.

Master Zhang Laide

2008 Beijing Olympic Chinese Executive Chef

Chaozhou brine old goose head

Master He Yu

China Hotel Association Cantonese Senior Roast Instructor

Crispy Suckling Pig with Rice

Master Xu Xiang

National Chinese Cooking Senior Technician

Southern Guangdong Golden Pig Emperor

Master Li Jun

Chef at the Taste Department of Guangzhou InterContinental Hotel & Resorts

Hand-cut milk duck with caviar

Master Wang Fujian

Guangdong “Cantonese Cuisine Master” four-star celebrity chef

Soy Sauce Chicken

Master Wu Yuqing

Guangdong Satellite TV “Cantonese Cuisine Master 2” champion

Bamboo Fungus Chicken

Master Zhang Shaowei

Director of Taste Department of Guangzhou HL Peninsula Investment Group

Supreme Double Flavor BBQ Pork

Master Ou Jinhe, Executive Vice Chairman of the Famous Chef Committee of the China Hotel Association, Executive Chairman of the Famous Chef Committee of the Guangdong Food Culture Research Association, and Master Lu Jinquan, the Chinese culinary master, respectively gave a unique review to the famous chefs’ representative dish from the ingredients, perception, taste, cooking techniques, culture, etc.

Master Li Yongzhou made a concluding speech, outlining the innovative ideas and characteristics of the master’s works in this exchange show.

PITO Most popular brand

The 2022 World Food Guangzhou Exhibition, a grand event in the catering industry, provided a good platform for the top chefs of Cantonese cuisine to communicate and learn.

There were not only exchanges and demonstrations of catering cooking skills, but also discussions on Cantonese cuisine culture, the food industry, and the digital transformation of catering in the future.

As the only manufacturer of mid-to-high-end hotel catering ceramic tableware in the venue, PITO participated in this exhibition and won the “Most Popular Brand” in this exhibition.

New time

New Situation

New Chance

We march together in the future


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