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Vermitteln Sie der Welt die Innovationskraft chinesischer Marken!

Vermitteln Sie der Welt die Innovationskraft chinesischer Marken!



On May 10Th, 2024, Der achte chinesische Markentag fand wie geplant statt. Hinter diesem besonderen Tag, it means that Chinese brands have created a sea of stars of their own.

China-Markentag (1)

Since the establishment of PITO, we have been committed to creating and promoting high-quality ceramic products, combining traditional Chinese craftsmanship with modern technology, and embarking on a unique brand development path. We have now obtained the Guangdong China Export Commodity Brand certificate.

China-Markentag (2)

Traced back to the 2017 Astana Expo, as one of the few representatives of the Chinese ceramic industry, we shown the world our technology, heritage, the excellent craftsmanship and quality of Chinese ceramics at that Expo.

China-Markentag (3)

Auf diese Weise, we won the recognition and trust of the international market, also laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of the PITO brand. PITO is also an active participant and contributor in the construction of China’s export commodity brands. We have gradually established a good brand image and reputation by continuously improving product quality, expanding market channels, and strengthening brand promotion. Our products are not only favored by consumers in the domestic market, but also exported overseas, winning recognition and praises from international customers.

China-Markentag (4)

To provide Chinese brands with more opportunities to go overseas and allow international friends to better experience our products, PITO Cultural and Creative Experience Center is equipped with top chefs to cook delicious dishes and perfectly integrate beautiful utensils and food.

So far, 38 events have been held, and relevant personnel from consulates, government agencies and social groups from more than 40 countries have been invited to banquets to introduce Chinese ceramics to them and let them experience its unique charm first-hand.

Brand Influence

Zusätzlich, PITO Technology was rated as one of the top ten souvenirs in Chaozhou City. This is a recognition of our brand strength and market influence, also an encouragement for our continuous innovation.

China-Markentag (7)

We have also established a school-enterprise cooperative teaching base and cooperated with many universities to carry out training and teaching in ceramic-related majors, cultivating a large number of professional talents for the ceramic industry and injecting new vitality into the development of the industry.

China-Markentag (8)

As the inheritor of the Chaozhou blue and white porcelain intangible cultural heritage project, PITO actively participates in and supports the protection and inheritance of the intangible cultural heritage project, strives to pass on traditional craftsmanship, and has made positive contributions to the dissemination and development of Chinese ceramic culture.

China-Markentag (9)

Endlich, we were honored to provide special tableware for the leader of a European country to visit Guangzhou. This is a high recognition of our product quality and brand image, and also reflects our status and reputation in the ceramic industry.

China-Markentag (10)

In the future development, PITO Technology will continue to adhere to the business philosophy ofquality first, innovative development”, continuously improve product quality and technical level, continuously launch new products that meet market demands, strive to achieve sustainable development of the brand, and contribute to communication Chinese ceramic culture and unremitting efforts.

China-Markentag (11)

Neues Zeitalter,

Neues Muster,

Neue Chance,

In The Future, Let Us Go Forward Hand In Hand!


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