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Herzlichen Glückwunsch an PITO zum Gewinn des Outstanding Supplier Award!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an PITO zum Gewinn des Outstanding Supplier Award!


Drachenfest, Create Brilliance Together

On March 22nd., Guangdong PITO nahm an einer gesellschaftlichen Veranstaltung im Garden Hotel teil. This grand event was jointly organized by five major organizations: Guangzhou Catering Industry Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Regional Catering Industry Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Western Food Industry Association, Guangzhou Technicians Association Catering Branch and Guangzhou Culinary Association Held to promote industry exchanges and cooperation. During the event, Guangdong PITO was honored to win the Outstanding Supplier Award, which is a high recognition of our unremitting efforts and outstanding performance in the catering industry over the years. Thanks again!

Guangdong PITO’s products are famous for their innovative design, Haltbarkeit, high cost performance and effective reduction of use losses, which are deeply loved and trusted by the majority of catering practitioners.

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Guangdong PITO carries the long tradition of Chaozhou culture and actively participates in the construction and promotion of the blue and white porcelain intangible inheritance base. Through the research and development of art tableware, Essen, and related cultural creations, Guangdong PITO continues to explore and innovate, perfectly combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design, injecting new vitality and charm into Chaozhou culture, and also hopes to contribute a small power amount to help Chaozhou culture to the world.

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Zusätzlich, Guangdong PITO regards its chef training school as a platform to cultivate a large number of outstanding talents for the catering industry and contribute to the development and growth of the industry. It continues to promote the integrated development of Chaozhou culture and catering industry, injecting new vitality and power into Guangzhou’s catering industry. After winning the Outstanding Supplier Award, Guangdong PITO continues to provide high-quality products and services to the Guangzhou catering industry with fuller enthusiasm and higher standards, also contributes more to the inheritance and development of Chaozhou culture. With our joint efforts, we believe it will bring more surprises and innovations to the development of the catering industry, also believe Chaozhou culture will become more brilliant!

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In The Future, Let Us Go Forward Hand In Hand!


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