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Pito manufactures high-quality tableware in various designs while matching your market and use needs.

PITO'S Dinnerware Category

PITO’s line of dinnerware are dishwasher safe and are made to withstand chips and breaks, making them last longer. 

Dinner Sets

Dinner Plates & Dishes


Teaware & Tea

Custom Logo Dinnerware Set

With our capabilities in design and engineering, we can confidently deliver the brand impact you need to succeed.

White Porcelain Dinner Set

White porcelain dinnerware has a classic finish and superior durability that makes them ideal for any market.

Bone China Dinner Set

Considered the strongest porcelain ceramic material, dinnerware made with Bone China lasts longer and resists occasional damage better.

Color Glazed Dinner Set

With its additional protective coating, color glazed dinnerware allows for brighter colors and greater detail of designs through inkjet printing.

Explore Dinnerware Inspirations

With a product library that’s constantly updated per season, we’re sure to have fresh and marketable tableware designs ready for your needs.

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Bone China Dinner Set Collections
dinnerware set collection
Tableware Set
Custom Teaware Set

Wide Types Collections

● Rich in classic and popular styles.

● Unique design for brand target.

What Makes PITO Worthy

Non-toxic & eco-friendly

Pito's tableware products are safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, which passed SGS, EC, FDA, and LFGB certificates.

State Banquet Standard

Pito's line of dinnerware& tableware see extensive use in various hotels and government establishments and featured on several international events.

Specially Made For Your Brand

We provide a wide assortment of customization options to help you create dinnerware & tableware that faithfully represent your brand.

Efficient Production & Quality Control

PITO practices an established production process and strict quality control protocols to guarantee the durability and reliability of our tableware products.

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    Customized Logo or Design

    Pito’s crockery products have different materials such as ceramic, porcelain, bone china, etc.

    You can custom dinnerware set any color and size possible with factory price.

    Make your own design special shape just need to make a mold.

    Custom printed your own logo on our products which is simple.

    Designed to meet your goals

    PITO Dinnerware accepts custom make samples before bulk orders, for safety production is needed.

    It can make white box, brown box, or full print box, gift packaging box that also can do.

    More Brand Impact

    Consistent release of new designs and several customization options help your porcelain tableware stand out from your peers.

    Select Styles and Options

    Easily create your personalized, high-quality custom-brand dinnerware and packaging with everything you need — all in one place.

    Strict Quality Control

    We practice strict quality control protocols throughout the production process. Handled by a dedicated inspection department with experience ranging from five to ten years, they conduct continuous product testing and send products to third-party labs for test reports upon request.


    Certifications for Factory

    In our continuous effort to become the leading source for porcelain tableware products worldwide, PITO has secured several certifications from reputable organizations, along with more than 100 product patents.

    Officially Recognized By the Various Politicians and Governments

    Driven by a commitment to excellent porcelain dinnerware manufacturing, our products see wide recognition from different countries, receiving praise letters from local and international diplomats. In our efforts to excel in the industry, we gained the distinction of being the only porcelain enterprise invited to present Chinese culture to over 100 countries at the Astana Expo 2017.

    Promoting Cooperation Through Consular Kitchens

    Food has a natural affinity to bring people together, thus an effective method to promote exchanges and cooperation among nations and businesses. This has inspired PITO to establish a Consular Kitchen, a melting pot for Chinese and foreign cultures.

    “The magic of food bridges cultures and languages together, opening doors for lasting partnerships and expanding horizons to discoveries.”

    Dario Silva 

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